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    CWDM mux/demux modules are bidirectional passive optical multiplexers and demultiplexers, allowing multiple optical signals at different wavelengths to pass through a single optical fiber strand. The product is designed to integrate conveniently with Grass Valley's FIO-1901, FIO-901 and FIO-991p Series of optical/electrical converters, but is equally useful with any other product working with CWDM wavelengths such as Grass Valley's NVISION routers. The CWDM mux/demux combines up to 18 different wavelength signals from different optical fibers into a single optical fiber, or separates up to 18 different wavelength signals coming from a single optical fiber to 18 separate optical fibers. The units are completely agnostic to the signal type, allowing different signals such as AES, MADI, DVB-ASI, 3G/HD/SD SDI or Ethernet to travel in either direction on the same fiber link.