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    The GV ION AMS Pro is Grass Valley’s storage solution for medium- to large-size Media & Entertainment (M&E) companies who are rapidly growing their media assets and looking to future-proof their storage needs as 4K, UHD and 8K appear on the horizon.

    Namespace: One massive single namespace for all files. Users see a large “C:” drive and don’t have to worry about client-side software, volumes, LUNs, capacity, security or locking. This single namespace can expand up to 144 nodes (> 17 PetaBytes).

    Advanced: The advanced OneFS operating system provides complete control over access, capacity, performance, migration, leveling, archiving and security. The private backend network ensures inter-node communication does not impact the corporate LAN.

    Scalable: GV ION AMS Pro scales linearly. Every node adds processing, memory, cache and storage so the overall solution is additive and independent. Each node can then be used to load-level, archive or remove hot-spots in this scale-out solution.

    For GV ION AMS Elite SAN storage, click here.