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    Building on the successful Grass Valley K-Frame series, featuring the largest I/O footprint in the industry, Grass Valley brings the GV K-Frame X to market. The GV K-Frame X uses existing K-FRM-ME-DPM boards coupled with a brand-new chassis, mid-plane, controller board and I/O board sets to offer a cost-effective and powerful path to all I/P connections, all SDI or combination of both to enable continuing versatility in live production planning.

    With the ability of Kayenne, Karrera, or GV Korona control surfaces to run on any K-Frame video processing engine, any operator can transfer their creative skills between switcher models. This is now enhanced by the outstanding performance of the GV K-Frame X, which handles HD, 1080p, high dynamic range video and 4K UHD without adding stress to the operational workflow. Shows built on any K-Frame will seamlessly translate to the new GV K-Frame X and knowledge of all panel and menu operations is not lost. Skills learned on any Kayenne, Karrera, or GV Korona switcher are valuable, as they translate instantly to the new video processing frame.