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    The new generation HDX-Plus allows you to extend the distance between the camera’s CCU and HDX-Plus over fiber, and supply power from the HDX-Plus over SMPTE hybrid cable to the camera. The HDX-Plus is compatible with Grass Valley’s LDX range of cameras and Sony cameras. In addition, when HDX-Plus is used with Power Plus 2, it can be matched with any camera manufacturer when either an Anton Bauer or IDX power plate is available. Power Plus 2 replaces the on-board battery and provides up to 200W over 3 km (1.86 mi.) to the camera. HDX-Plus is compatible with SHED-BS when SMPTE power is required to be eliminated and converted to a fiber-only connection from CCU to HDX-Plus.

    SHED stands for SMPTE Hybrid Elimination Device, and that is what it is. It is a small adapter that allows you to use ordinary single-mode optical fiber for HD (and slow motion) camera links and in venue/facility infrastructure, and eliminate bulky hybrid wire/fiber. A SHED adapter is usually deployed with the HDXPlus camera power unit. You can use two small SHED adapters — one at your base station and one at your camera — and locally power your camera, or use the HDX-Plus unit to power the camera through the hybrid tail cable.