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    The hub of Grass Valley's IP System is the IPEDGE-SRV (IP Routing Controller) of which there are two variants. These are: IPEDGE-SRV-D & IPEDGE-SRV-S for dual redundant or single controller systems respectively. While a single IPEDGDE-SRV physical server has dual redundant power supplies, a fully redundant system requires two servers operating in parallel as offered by the IPEGDE-SRV-D option.

    The IPEDGE-SRV is supplied with all system software pre-installed. The system software consists of two main elements: The first is Grass Valley's Standard Router Controller based on Workbench software allowing control using existing PC clients and/or the Luna range of hardware control panels. The second is an IP Router Adapter package that maps and interfaces all the IP Edge Devices to the Standard Router Controller.

    All the transmitted and received signals (audio, video and data) to and from all ports on the IP Edge Devices are mapped to source and destination ports named (in the normal way) in the controller. A third software package, the IP Network Monitor, is provided for installation on a PC/Terminal for configuration (and mapping) of the IP Router Adapter.