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    The IQBRK30 provides 8-channel digital audio de-embedding and re-embedding for 3G SDI, HD-SDI or SD-SDI signals. Able to select any of the 16 embedded channels, audio processing features include audio delay, gain, invert and channel level routing, whilst video delay and a video proc. amp are also included in the feature set. Ideal for breaking out embedded audio to AES only devices for processing then re ingesting the resulting feeds back into the SDI domain.

    Why should you choose this module?
    • Ideal as a re-embedder for stereo, multichannel or Dolby E AES audio applications
    • Suitable for multi-lingual audio applications thanks to channel-level control and up to sixteen channel operation
    • Full RollCall and SNMP compatibility allows easy integration with SAM, or third-party, network management systems providing an all-inclusive monitoring and control solution