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    The IQGBE80 is a gigabit fiber media converter module with an 8-port Ethernet switch occupying a double slot in an IQ modular frame. The RJ45 copper ports are triple-speed auto-negotiating enabling connectivity to 10, 100 or 1000base-T Ethernet devices using standard CAT5 or CAT6 cable assemblies. The fiber interface utilizes an SFP (small form factor pluggable) fiber module receptacle cage compliant with the SFP MSA (Multi Source Agreement). It accepts a single 1000base-T SFP Fiber Transceiver with 1310 nm single mode laser transmitter and medium sensitivity receiver. A copper SFP option is also available to make the unit an 8-port electrical switch if required.

    The IQGBE80 can be used for direct links to other fiber-enabled Ethernet devices or used as part of a system using WDM or CWDM techniques to transport multiple serial digital data streams over a single optical cable.