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    The IQLAM00 from Grass Valley provides a fast and efficient way to monitor channel branding by detecting an on-air logo and comparing it with a stored logo signature file. Multiple logo files can be stored on the card and loaded via triggers from the automation system as required to provide confidence that the channel branding is correct. Similarly, the IQLAM00 can feed back its logging and reporting information for the automation system’s “as run log,” enabling any anomalies to be captured for later analysis. It does this by generating and comparing region-specific video signatures from the SDI stream and its stored logo signature file then reporting back the detection confidence value and an alarm should there be a mismatch.

    Being fully compatible with Grass Valley’s RollMap graphical monitoring software means that logo detection confidence values and alarms from across the system can be shown in a single display graphic providing confidence at a glance.

    Alternatively, native SNMP support enables the IQLAM00 to be integrated with other network management or automation systems.