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    The IQUDC40 is a flexible 4K UHD processing unit able to process and translate both quadrant (square division) and 2SI (2 sample interleave) quad-link formats as well as 12G-SDI single-link signals. Converting to or from 4K UHD to HD/SD allows re-purposing of existing assets, and all common video and audio processing tasks are also covered.

    IQUDC40 includes a frame synchronizer, capable of referencing to a SD bi-level or HD tri-level reference and a variable aspect ratio converter with reading and writing of WSS, VI and 2016 AFD signaling (not available in 4K UHD to 4K UHD mode). Video processing includes powerful picture enhancement tools, including edge enhance, High Dynamic Range and Wide Color Gamut support allowing S-Log3, HLG or PQ UHD feeds to be integrated into an SDR workflow for example. Audio handling includes channel routing, delay adjustment and level controls. Video metadata such as timecode, SMPTE ST 2020 Dolby, closed captions and teletext captions can also be passed through the module or processed according to the required output standard.