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    Kaleido-Modular-X is a flexible and scalable 4K- and IP-ready multiviewer for TV production that's optimized for the space, power and weight considerations found in studios and outside broadcast trucks. Modular design allows for easy configuration to desired I/O size. Unique FlexBridge coax cable bridging between the input and output modules allows for the installation of the input stage next to the router or sources — and the output stage next to displays — for simpler, cost-effective cabling installation with none of the risk associated with HDMI extenders. Split input and output modular system offers scalability both on the input and output side for future-proofing your investments as production needs increase. With space at a premium and the ever-present need to reduce overall weight in your production trucks, Kaleido-Modular-X offers the ideal multiviewer solution.

    For IP inputs, see the KMX-3901-IN-IP 10 GigE IP Input Module for the Kaleido-Modular-X Multiviewer.