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    LUMO is a high-density 1 RU frame with 36 SFP-based fiber converters, ideal for large distribution of high bandwidth 3G signals. LUMO's 1 RU size minimizes rack space and often complex cabling concerns have been greatly reduced by including fiber connectivity on one side of the unit and coax electrical on the other. Reliability and serviceability is further secured through the use of hot swappable cards and a redundant PSU, as well as remote system health monitoring and alarming for all key components, including optical signal strength.

    Custom LUMO fiber management trays integrate three Multifiber Push On (MPO) adaptors to our LUMO series high density fiber converters.  Each MPO adaptor accommodates a 12-fiber MPO connection (LC breakout not included). The LUMO-BNC-MPO, which is the 1 RU BNC housing frame with MPO bracket, and the LUMO-DIN-MPO, which is a the 1 RU DIN housing frame with MPO bracket, will both provide the same functionality as existing LUMO models for large distribution of high bandwidth 3G signals with up to 36 SFP-based fiber converters in a high-density 1 RU chassis.