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    The Sirius 800 routers have dedicated cross points and card slots ready to accept MV-800 multiviewers, offering a ready solution for dense monitoring of large signal numbers. Each MV-800 unit is able to receive 48 sources of the available router inputs and provide up to 12 multiview outputs from those. The Sirius 830 and Sirius 850 accept two MV-800 cards, with the Sirius 840 offering space for three. For example, the Sirius 830 router offers 288x288 video routing in a 15 RU chassis, plus the ability to support 24 multiviewer outputs from the two MV-800 units installed.

    Each of the hardware based MV-8 series multiviewers, MV-820, MV-800 and MV-830, all generate H.264 streams for each of the 48 input signals. These multicast streams can be used in the MV-800 DT desktop multiviewer to produce local and unique multiviews specific to each individual or application. Functionality of the desktop companion is a close comparison to the MV-8 family members for layout design, information displays etc.

    By using the MV-800 DT with the MV-8 series multiviewers gives you the opportunity to completely re-design the monitoring requirements of your facility. Coupled with the Media Assurance capabilities of Grass Valley's control systems, the MV-800 can produce significantly different and beneficial solutions when compared to conventional multiviewers.