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    Where very high numbers of multiviewer outputs are required, router output-based multiviewers are a great solution. However the downside is normally the loss of router outputs in favor of multiviewer outputs. With the MV-850, all the same features are available for your installation, such as H.264 proxy generation, multiviewer head IP stream generation and IP, hybrid or SDI inputs. The major advantage of the MV-850 multiviewer is its ability to maintain the router outputs in parallel to the multiviewer outputs. This means that a 576x1024 Sirius 800 router, when enhanced with, for example, 144 multiviewer outputs remains exactly the same size router. Additionally the number of desktop multiviewer outputs is unlimited as the multicast H.264 streams are available to as many users as your IP network will allow.

    The MV-850 is designed to fit inside the Sirius 840 and Sirius 850 router chassis.