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    Rio delivers the ultimate productive post workflow. Thanks to its real-time performance, its complete, integrated toolset that keeps the whole job in the suite, and full integration into today’s file-based workflows, Rio can handle everything you require from a finishing system — interactively and in real-time, making it the natural choice for client-attended sessions. To achieve this performance, Rio runs on enterprise PC hardware that exploits the latest NVIDIA Maximus multi-GPU technology to deliver interactive, real-time performance — even at 8K 60p.

    Rio is available in a choice of two turnkey configurations:
    • Rio 4K – unmatched power and capability for highend TV (UHD) and movie finishing (DCI)
    • Rio 8K – the world’s only real-time 8K 60p color and finishing system

    For those preferring to build their own hardware platform, there are two software-only options:
    • Rio – ideal for TV program and commercial finishing
    • Rio 4K software – all the tools for 4K color and finishing for UHD and DCI

    All Rio systems also handle HD and SD content for format flexibility.