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    With over 500,000 modules already in service worldwide, IQ Modular is a proven reliable, comprehensive system trusted by broadcasters both large and small.

    The IQ Modular range provides a comprehensive, reliable and cost-effective interfacing and processing solution for any broadcast infrastructure project. Handling all types of video and audio signals, IQ Modular provides industry leading packing density with new 4 RU IQ high power frame and multi-channel modules enabling 40 channels of powerful video and audio processing and conversion, or 80 channels of SDI distribution with 320 outputs. IQ Modular is equally at home with IP, coax, fiber or any common interface standard, and its modular approach means that it is easily scalable and upgradeable as your needs change. New enhancements to the series include IP to SDI interfaces and modules supporting Grass Valley’s unique Media Biometrics technology for network wide confidence monitoring, from basic error detection to more subtle issues such as logo or lipsync matching.