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    LiveTouch is a scalable replay system that makes highlights and instant replay workflows fast and effortless. Able to seamlessly pool multiple servers, LiveTouch can scale to any size with the same workflows in 4K UHD as in HD. It's even possible to simultaneously mix multiple resolutions on the same playlist and up or downconvert on the fly.

    LiveTouch's support of HDR and 4K UHD slow-motion replay along with full super slow-motion support up to 6x make it ideal for pairing with the high-end capabilities of Grass Valley LDX cameras in remote or at-home productions.

    Managing all of these file formats is even easier with the LiveTouch Fileflow utility. Fileflow automated ingest or export of files into networked destinations reduces creation complexity by enabling the same workflow for HD, 1080p and 4K UHD applications as well as HDR. Fileflow automatically exports to a wide variety of file formats/codecs using either transwrapping or transcoding.

    The field-proven touchscreen panel is quick to learn and intuitive to use, making highlights selection simple and robust. Supporting up to four control panels per server, instant project and asset sharing allows concurrent operators to instantly create, edit and playout highlights packages without duplicating content or affecting others' work. Highlights packages and instant replays get to air faster, and system design is dramatically simplified.

    Anything on replay can immediately be accessed on an editor’s time line for quick turnaround. Audio and video editing tools are accessed from the replay operator’s workstation and can be instantly available for craft editing in Rio, Grass Valley’s high performance editing, color, and finishing system. Content metadata is preserved when converting playlists to edit projects for integrated craft editing. Instantly access advanced effects, color profiles and audio tools from any LiveTouch workstation with no transfer or transcoding required. Collaboration can even be extended to users who are not on-site by providing remote access through the Go! production suite, Grass Valley’s browser-based editor.

    When working in remote/at-home production environments, LiveTouch provides the same high performance. Panels can be used in a production facility or at the event site while the LiveTouch server remains at home, or with the server in an engine room miles away.

    Designed for studios, sports venues, and production hubs, LiveTouch gives every operator access to all the content all the time. Collaborative workflows have never been so easy or fast.

      LiveTouch Hihlights

    LiveTouch Max

    LiveTouch Flex

    LiveTouch UHD Flex 12G

    LiveTouch IP Max

    LiveTouch IP Flex

    Multicam Support
    8 Channels 1080i/720p
    HD SSM
    12 Channels 1080i/720p
    8 Channels 1080p
    1.6 TB SSD
    3.2 TB SSD Option
    11 Channels 1080p
    12 Channels 1080p
    3G SSM
    UHD Capable
    HDR Capable
    12G Mainframe