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    Whiteboard Video: K-Frame V-series Video Processing Engine

    The K-Frame V-series 3 RU frame with internal power supply supports four I/O modules and a maximum of 36 inputs — 32 SDI and 4 Media Ports, and 18 outputs — 16 SDI and 2 Media Ports. Up to 3 M/Es plus 2 VPEs (Video Processing Engines) are accessible across two suites. By using DoubleTake, this may be increased to 10 virtual M/Es. Every M/E and VPE has four keyers with standard keying modes including chromakey, two frame stores per keyer — and every keyer can use the pool of optional floating iDPMs and the 2D DPMs on each keyer.

    The K-Frame V-series can be upgraded to support 1080p (level A or B), to add 4K capability as needed.

    Posted Dec 18 2017 (video-20171218)

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