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  • Grass Valley Provides Solutions to Suit all Your Media Distribution Needs
    With more worldwide channels on air than any other provider, Grass Valley's integrated playout systems give you the flexibility to launch new channels quickly, migrate to an IP infrastructure on your terms and timetable, lower operational costs, and simplify your ability to turn challenges into ratings and revenue.

    Find out more below as we take you through:


    Manual Intervention — Reactive Sports Channels
    Handling reactive high revenue services

    Manual Intervention — Re-join Paused Program or Join In Progress (JIP)
    Seamlessly re-join an interrupted program, without missing a frame (extends schedule based on length of interruption), or join in progress to keep schedule the same

    Manual Intervention — Master Control
    Integration with Masterpiece and UX

    Multiregion Content
    Maximize revenue with regionalized commercial content

    Hub-Spoke / Multisite
    Efficient multisite operations

    Multilanguage Broadcasts
    Support multiple languages audio, graphics, subtitles

    Increase efficiency with integrated workflows for OTT and linear broadcast

    Integrated playout — reduced infrastructure costs and complexities without any functional compromises

    Fully featured playout on standard IT infrastructure

    Enabling media organizations to outsource infrastructure costs

    System Architecture

    Configurable User Interface
    Tailor your UI to specific operational requirement

    Resilient Playout
    Ensuring reliable 24/7/365 operation

    Media Management
    Automated media management over any topology

    Integrated Playout
    Reduced infrastructure costs and complexities without any functional compromises

    IP Infrastructure
    Full suite of IP solutions for compressed and uncompressed applications, in addition to traditional SDI and hybrid applications

    Scalable, integrated, multilanguage

    Reactive, configurable, third-party control

    Routable signal path, high-end graphics

    Business Success

    Ensuring Your Success
    With Grass Valley playout systems, the full project lifecycle is managed by a single team from design through deployment and support.

    With more channels on air than any other provider, Grass Valley has decades of experience in the playout market, working with the widest range of broadcasters from around the world.

    Global Reach & Support
    With more than 28 locations in over 20 countries, Grass Valley has 60+ support playout specialists so that your project deployment will be smooth and your broadcast output will have maximum uptime, with the same 99.999% enjoyed by other Grass Valley playout solution users.

    Evergreen Program
    Grass Valley's new Evergreen program provides customers with new iTX, Morpheus or ICE purchases or paid upgrades predictable total cost of ownership, with the flexibility to migrate channels to new technologies and platforms.

    Sample System Application Briefs
    Live and OTT Channel Provider
    • Location: U.S., Multiple Sites
    • Number of Channels: 100+
    • System Design: N+N with Cross-site Redundancy
    • Grass Valley Playout Solution: Morpheus & ICE
    • Company Overview: A subscription-based live and OTT service provider

    Media Services/Playout Provider
    • Location: U.K.
    • Number of Channels: 140+
    • System Design: Mixed redundancy: 1+1 and 1+1+1
    • Grass Valley Playout Solution: iTX, iControl, Kaleido, Densité & NVISION
    • Company Overview: A major global media services provider, providing playout hosting across multiple locations, as well as OB, OTT and distribution facilities to major sporting events and content owner/originator brand

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    Latest PLayout Announcements

    Latest Playout Announcements

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    iTX: An Introduction

    iTX: An Introduction

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    Morpheus UX

    Morpheus UX

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    News & Resources
    Playout Solutions from Grass Valley

    Playout Solutions from Grass Valley

    In today's media environment Playout automation must be more flexible than ever, watch the video to see where Grass Valley's Playout excels.

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    4K Playout at CBC’s New Montreal Facility

    4K Playout at CBC’s New Montreal Facility

    CBC/Radio-Canada taps Grass Valley iTX integrated playout platform for new Maison de Radio-Canada broadcast center.

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    Morpheus Multiscreen Delivery

    Morpheus Supports MediaHub Australia's Automation Transition

    Custom-designed workflows to help deliver highly adaptive services.

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